I was so excited to unlock the jetsetter badge on foursquare the other day. Then I got to thinking.. In the past 45 days, I have been in 7 different airports! BOS, MIA, GUA, BDL, EWR, IND & DCA. Crazy to think about!

Airports are one of my favorite places. They’re just so exciting. Everybody is going somewhere. Some are returning home, others are flying to somewhere totally new to them.

It’s very easy to get dehydrated when traveling so it’s very important to have fluids readily available. I like to bring an empty reusable water bottle with me and just fill it once I get through security. Sigg is always a great value!

Another airport survival tip? Bring snacks! I usually travel long distances and sometimes don’t have time to eat during my layover. Food on the plane is overpriced, and lacks anything. My go to meal when traveling? A good protein bar.

And the most important? A good book! I’m currently reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I started while I was in Guatemala but unfortunately have been too busy to even touch it. It’s currently on my bookshelf with all my academic ones for the semester.

xx M


One thought on “jetsetter

  1. I’m a fan of people watching at the airport, and I LOVE when you get to sit next to someone who loves chatting as much as you do. My go to snack is salted shelled sunflower seeds (planters makes the best) and a yummy trail mix.

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