staying positive

Today is one of those days that is just no good. It started with the 4 hours of sleep I got last night and just carried over. No milk, and my favorite ring that I haven’t taken off for 5 years, somehow snapped. (Still trying to figure that one out).

But, it got me thinking – I always aim to stay optimistic. Regardless of how impossible things may seem, if you stay positive, you’ll start to focus on that and forget why you were upset in the first place!

Things I’m happy for (and you should be too!)

1. My health. I have food and water when I need it, that’s more than most could ever wish about.

My sister, my mother, and me!


2. My family. They are always there. All the time, everyday. They’ve seen me at my absolute worst, and have never failed to praise me when I am closer to my best. Sometimes it takes a tragic event for you to realize how much the ones that are still around should be appreciated.

My three best friends


3. My friends. Everybody says it, but I really do have the best friends ever. I have had the exact same immediate circle of friends since I moved to the only town I will ever call home at 9 years old. They’re all amazing people. This doesn’t mean the friends I’ve met more recently aren’t as great, you’ve all proved in one time or another how great of a person you truly are.

4. My independence. Being self-sufficient and self-supporting is one of the most empowering things. Not only that, but knowing that ultimately – I determine my destiny. My life is in the hands of my decisions, and I like it!

UMass Amherst


5. My education. When I was younger, college seemed like a dream. Now, entering my senior year of college – I am well on my way to accomplishing something I have been dreaming of since I was 3. Not only am I lucky enough to go to college, UMass Amherst was just ranked the 19th best university, in the world!

6. Every single person I have ever met in my life. This includes but is not limited to all of those strangers who have ever smiled at me for no reason, thanks. You really cheered me up. All of the individuals I have ever sat next to on any sort of public transportation – those meaningless conversations were great.

7. A roof over my head. I have the luxury of having a home with my mother, two with my father, and one at school. Not to mention, the graciousness of family and friends who have let me stay with them for countless extended periods of time.

8. You! Whoever you are, you’re great. If you’re reading this, you’re somehow connected to somebody I know, which means I love them. And if they have any acquaintance with you, you’re just as special. 🙂


xx M


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