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Appropriate Attire

Everybody knows there is always an outfit appropriate for every occasion. Working out is no exception to the rule! Depending on what workout I’m doing that day, my outfit completely varies, and yes – I wear “outfits” to the gym, and no, I don’t have any shame in it! I spoke with all of the respective instructors at my gym and this is the list we came up with! Sorry boys, but the majority of this article is geared towards your lady friends, but there are definitely things you can learn from this too!

Compression Shorts

Spinning – Spandex, spandex, spandex! I don’t care if you have the teeniest tiniest thighs (lucky you!) there is a seat between your legs and you’re going to chafe. There are two ways to avoid chafing on a bike – wear spandex, or turn your knees outward. Problem with the second one? That’s not the right form, and nobody should sacrifice proper form for anything! I suggest atleast a 4” inseam for your spandex. Under Armour makes really great compression shorts, and they last forever! Avoid anything too long and loose, it can get caught on the bike! Also, for those of you who are new to spinning, they make padded bike shorts to help your tush!

Yoga/Pilates – Your bottoms are almost as important as your tops. You shouldn’t wear clothing too loose because there are certain positions where people will see parts of yours that they shouldn’t be seeing (or want to be seeing) in that setting. Try to  wear form fitting clothes, and also that way you will be able to see your form better!

Zumba – longer shirts. When you shake (which you will) things are going to ride up. How loose the clothing is, is completely up to your comfort level!

Running – when it’s hot, spandex are again your best friend. Length depends on comfort,

So many fun color combos!

you can get away with a little shorter than spinning but it’s all up to you! When it’s breezier, shorts will help ventilate! Shorts with built-in underwear are my favorite, less things to put on and less laundry to wash! I consider the Nike Tempo Short to be a necessity and staple in my gym wardrobe.

it's like a free bra!

High Impact Cardio Classes [ie- Kickboxing] – I like to wear either spandex (surprise, surprise!) or my Nike Tempo shorts. One thing to keep in mind when wearing shorts if they aren’t spandex, the legs shouldn’t be too tight so they don’t cut off your circulation.  I like wearing tanks with built in bras for that extra support! If I do wear spandex, I like to make sure they have a higher rise so I don’t have to keep lifting them up with all of my jumping and moving around.

Circuit Training – I wear attire similar to what I would wear in a high impact cardio class such as kickboxing. It obviously depends on the types of circuits you are doing.


  1. Bend over. Can you see through your spandex? You may be comfortable, but chances are people don’t want to see what’s under there. Don’t skimp on quality! You’re better off buying one high-quality pair than 3 cheap pairs.
  2. Wear a good bra! Regardless of their size, they shouldn’t be moving. Especially in high cardio activities such as running, kickboxing, and plyometric exercises.
  3. Wicking material is a dream come true. Every company has its own fun name for it, but it all does the same thing – wicks the sweat away from your body. Cotton just doesn’t do the trick, it will absorb everything, make you cold when the temperatures are low and weigh you down. Wicking material takes the sweat away from your body and keeps you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cool!
  4. Footwear! This is a whole other topic for discussion, but every activity requires proper footwear, so wear it! This also includes socks!

5. My go to tops are always tanks; hello second amendment – I have the right to bear my arms! 

Don’t be discouraged at prices, you can always find affordable alternatives at stores like Target, Walmart, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx!

xx M


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