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Peanut Ginger Tofu

To supplement my article of  ’25 Tips to Eating Healthy on a College Budget’, I bring you a very simple Tofu Recipe!

As stated in my other post, the easiest way to cook tofu is to stir-fry it. This recipe shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to prepare and cook, and even less time to eat!


1 package of extra firm tofu

1 cup chopped broccoli*

½ cup baby carrots, split the long way*

1 cup fresh spinach*

any sort of brown/wild rice, cooked by package instructions

a. Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette

b. Sriracha, optional for added spice

c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*use whatever vegetables you have in your fridge and need to use up!

You’ll also need:

A wok [or other non-stick pan]

A knife

A spatula

A clean hand towel

Yes, these all seem obvious, but I don’t want you to realize you’re unprepared!


Tofu is literally a sponge. It will take on whatever flavor it is surrounded by.

  1. Cut a hole in the packaging of the tofu, and drain all of the fluid.
  2. Press the tofu. This can be done with either paper towels or a clean hand towel (I prefer to do it this way, less waste!).

    1. Place the tofu on the towel, wrap it up, and press on it. You can also place a book on top while you prepare other things for added drainage!
    2. Cube the tofu. I always cut it in half (as if it were a sandwich) and 4 times horizontally, and 5 times vertically. This is all personal preference of course!
    3. Once you are done cubing, place the tofu into a bowl with marinade (in
      this case, the dressing). If you have time, you can let this stay in the fridge for an extended period of time in a container or with some saran-wrap over the bowl.  Realistically, you probably have 83 million other things to do and the last thing on your mind is marinating chunks of soy.
    4. If you don’t have the time to let it sit, just leave it in the bowl while you prep your veggies.
    5. Depending on what vegetables you use, prep time could vary. For this particular dish, I just used what was in my fridge. Definitely incorporate carrots, as they are a very nice compliment to the ginger dressing.


Prepare rice, I usually like to have some in the fridge prepared ahead of time to add to my meals when I need it.

  1. Use as little oil as possible, because the dressing has it and you obviously want to keep this meal as low-cal as possible. A tablespoon is more than sufficient!
  2. Once the oil heats up, toss in the tofu, continue to stir and toss every few minutes.
  3. If you would like added spice, add the sriracha to taste.
  4. Depending on what vegetables you are using, you may need to add them in different orders so they are all the right tenderness. I added the broccoli and carrots first, and the spinach about 2 minutes before it was ready so it would wilt just right.


  1. Place rice and stir-fry in bowl.
  2. Enjoy!

As always, things are best enjoyed in the company of good friends a good beverage. 

xx M


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