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Yesterday, I received some awful news that put a serious damper on my upcoming vacation plans. I won’t go into detail because that’s not the point of this post.

After getting the news yesterday, I was, for lack of a better term, down in the dumps. Way down. 6 feet under. In the biggest landfill you could think of. Okay, so maybe that seems a bit dramatic, but that’s how I felt yesterday. I’ve had this vacation planned for a while but the friend I was going to visit had a last minute obligation come up for work. Something he couldn’t ignore. So where did that leave me? With a bunch of new bikinis and a plane ticket I wasn’t really going to be able to use.

So what did I do? First, I moped. I vented to all of my closest friends, my mom, and my sister. Then what? I knew laying bed all day being upset wasn’t going to make the situation any better so, I took a shower, put on some clothes.. and hit the road!


myself, Kasia (the birthday girl!), and my little Yogi

First stop, Amhert, Massachusetts – the home to my alma mater. One of my dearest friends was turning 21, and I love birthdays! Last night, I went to one of the bars (I never really) frequented in college and saw some lovely familiar faces. Today, I had breakfast with my little (yes, I was in a sorority in college, judge me, I don’t give a hoot!) and her lovely roommate. I made a quick stop at my favorite tanning salon (yes, I go tanning about twice a month. It’s my guilt pleasure, get over it) and after all of that, I hit the road again and headed back home!


Essie’s Madison Ave-hue

I was greeted by my adorable cat, Prince Konstantine and sat and snuggled with him for a while. Seeing as all nail salons were closed (I hate Sunday hours) I gave myself a manicure. A lovely shade of pink, because it’s my favorite color and pink always makes me happy.


My lovely little set up

After my mani and pedi I made myself dinner with the minimal food I had in my fridge and then did exactly what I needed.. I streamed Kaskade‘s new album and took a luxurious bubble bath. You can listen to it here! I laid in the tub for a good 40 minutes until the water became too cold to bear. All lights were off and I just got to enjoy the music, and watch the candles burning. I literally felt as if I was washing all of my worries away, and I got to watch them go down the drain. After all of this, I feel like a million bucks! I was talking to my mom about it (she’s not home due to some health issues she’s taking care of) and she was glad to see I was practicing forms of self-soothing. I had no idea what I was doing but after looking up self-soothing.. turns out I did many of the recommended things. I just did things to make myself happy. And that’s the note I’m leaving you all with today. Life’s gonna suck sometimes (more than we want it to) but we can’t dwell in the negativity. Nothing lasts forever, same thing goes with happiness. So, enjoy the little things that make you smile, pamper yourself, and remember this too shall pass. ❤


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