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When flying, give yourself some time..

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My alarms this morning..


Building on my last post of terrible bad luck, traveling always gives me anxiety. What if my car breaks down on the way to the airport? What if the planes late? What if my flight is cancelled? What if (fill in the blank with other things that could go wrong)…

Welp, this morning was nothing short of an adventure. I of course left packing until the last minute (less time to try and stuff unnecessary things into my suitcase) and after trying on all of my bikinis to make sure they matched and still hugged me in all the right places Sperry's in Nantucket(squats!) and I didn’t finish til about midnight.. but I did however manage to fit 5 days worth of clothes, shoes, bikinis, and everything in between into ONE (overly stuffed) carry on bag. To most people, this doesn’t seem like much but.. I don’t pack light. I like to have my options because you never know what just may come up and what outfit you’ll just need to wear and what shoes compliment it best. To give you an idea, when my friend and I went on a daycation* to Nantucket, I packed an entire duffle bag of clothes AND a separate bag for shoes. 16 lbs worth of shoes. Excessive? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely. Of course I wore my Sperrys the entire time because the weather was cruddy but hey, at least I had options!

Anyway.. after accomplishing nothing short of what most could call a miracle, I had very good feelings about this vacation. I didn’t fall asleep until about 4:30, and I was up and at ’em by 5:15. 45 minutes of sleep? Gross. But, going to school and working ungodly hours (more than) full time has taught me sometimes you can function with less sleep than you need (I’ll definitely be napping when I get to Jacksonville).

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.14.52 AM
I packed up my car, and my cat and I was on the road. Of course as we’re about to leave, Prince Konstantine bolted out of the car (something he’s never done before) but I caught him, brought him to my friends house, and hit the road for the airport. Then.. traffic. Yup. Traffic at 6:30 in the morning. Why? I have no idea. I hope I never have to leave for work THAT early.. yuck!
After I got through the traffic on rt 95, I hit some more on my way to Peter’s house who was kind enough to drive me the to airport this morning so I wouldn’t have to deal with the expense and headache of parking.

Finally at the airport (much later than I wanted to be) and of course my emails won’t load so I can’t pull my confirmation number up for speedy check-in. As I’m shuffling into line, one of the straps to my “purse” snapped. But, I zipped it up and got my toosh to security. Thank goodness I travel enough that I’ve learned how to make security a breeze (in a post coming soon!) and I power walked to my gate (thank goodness for waitressing and working out, I made some serious time).

Like any good airline should, Delta held the plane for me (oops…). If I hand’t left so early there is absolutely NO WAY I would have made my flight on time. So next time you’re traveling, leave plenty of time for things to go wrong, because they can and probably will. If you’re fortunate enough for everything to go perfectly smooth and have ample time before your flight, enjoy it. After all, airports are the best place to people watch and have meaningless (and sometimes the best) conversations with complete strangers. 🙂
Ticket to Florida
Off to Florida I go!
*daycation (n.) – a term I think(?) I made up to describe a quick little getaway typically lasting a day/night

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