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Constantly Connected


I am literally glued to my phone. As you can tell by the candid captured of me on vacation back in March.. it’s basically an extension of my body, another limb really. I also am like many of my generation and am always on one social network to another.  Why? A lot of people make the argument that social media disconnects us from the world and hinders our social development and maturity, I beg to differ. Making such a bold claim, I am more than ready to back it up.
Facebook – the powerhouse. Thanks to Facebook, I can look back at pictures from when I was 16 (not my most glamorous to say the least) and keep up to date with all my friends far and wide. It’s like having a constant photo album to share and look at and talk about with your friends, to people I probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise. It’s a great way to share things with people you want to know. Who knows, maybe an old friend is going to be in the same random place at the same time as you and now you can say hello!
Twitter – my own rambling thoughts. Sure, I could text myself weird ambiguous things that I’m thinking at the moment, but Twitter helps me find others who may be thinking the same things. And, I use Twitter as my outlet to connect with complete strangers on common interests (mostly music, I tweet @Kaskade multiple times a day). I also really enjoy that you can connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with, again, Kaskade. Twitter is actually another reason he is my favorite musician. He personally manages all of his social networks and through my years of following him I’ve grown to love and respect him beyond just the amazing music he produces. I also use Twitter as my news source. When the tragic Marathon Bombing hit way too close to home in April, I was at Six Flags but thanks to Twitter I was getting to the second updates. Obviously I didn’t have a TV with me, and newspapers take a bit of time to print..
FourSquare – I don’t really use it anymore, but when I lived in New York City, it was great! I would look for deals at local places I had never been and used this as an excuse to explore.
WordPress (blogging) – This lovely little thing you’re reading right now. While I’m not quite sure where this will take me (if anywhere at all) I love sharing adventures with people. Now that I’ve started blogging again, I realize how much I miss writing! Especially since I don’t HAVE to do it all of the time now. My blog is an outlet for me to express myself in more than 160 characters and share my “knowledge” with the world.
InstaGram – I love pictures and capturing memories. Sure not everybody wants to see what my cat is doing at 2:00AM or what weird workout I’m doing to plump my rump but I like to share what I love. There are so many beautiful things to see in the world and there’s not nearly enough time to see them all. This morning I was bummed I couldn’t take a picture of the amazing giant orange orb that was the sun because I only got to enjoy it for a total of about 29 seconds. As far as filters go, I think they represent life in many ways. The same thing can look different to everybody, and if you look at something in a slightly different way, you just may see how beautiful the most simple things can be (looking a little bit more tan from time to time doesn’t hurt either).
So, with all of this being said, I always keep one thing in mind and you should too: be mindful of what you post. Nothing is completely private. I can confidently say that anything and everything I post I would gladly show to my Great Aunt Harriet or my little sisters. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Also, don’t be afraid to disconnect once in a while. The world is our playground, it should be explored.. and then shared with everybody who doesn’t have the same opportunities we do!

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