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a year ago today..

Okay, so let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the “TimeHop” App. It’s such a wonderful little thing. It syncs to all of your social media sites (refer to my post “Constantly Connected” incase you don’t know how much I love social media, although.. chances are that’s how you got to my blog in the first place). I love looking at it everyday. I’m a very nostalgic person because memories are beautiful and can never quite be recreated. Reminiscing helps me put things into perspective and appreciate everything in my life a little bit more, both past and present.

So, a year ago today, January 6, 2012.. I embarked on a journey that I knew would be amazing. A year ago today, I boarded a plane with my best friend and headed to Israel for my Birthright trip.


Not only could I have never anticipated how it could and would absolutely change my life but also how so much of what I learned about myself would resonate with me, even a full year later.

While I must admit, some of my initial motives were a bit selfish, they did change while I was on my trip, along with many other things in my life. I was going for the opportunity to take a free (Jews love “free” things, ha, good one, now keep reading..) vacation with my best friend. I was going because I love exploring new places and seeing new things. I was going because for the first part of my life, I had no idea what Judaism was, let alone that I come from a long line of it and I spent my undergrad career studying cultures and religions from around the world (Cultural Anthropologists unite!) and I barely knew anything about mine. I was going because I love hummus. I was going so I could buy cute pashmina scarves and instagram pictures of things I’d only heard about.


layover in Toronto!

I was going in hopes of finding something, anything, to help me put my life into perspective because I was just a few months shy of graduating college and still had zero clue what I actually wanted to do with my life (fun fact: I still dont! 🙂 ) But the main reason I was going, I wasn’t quite sure. I needed a getaway. I just never knew what I was trying to get away from, or to.

It was everything and nothing I expected at the same time. I connected with people on a level I didn’t think was possible in such a short period of time, but I connected with myself and a religion I never knew had been a part of my life all along. I even made the decision to have a b’nai mitzvah (a shared bar or bat mitzvah) with my best friend.


obligatory “we got to ride a camel!” picture

Truth is, we never really “know” anything. We spend our entire lives trying to figure out what the heck it is that we want or why we want it. It takes me some serious time to figure out the significance of life events, because I am a firm believer that absolutely every single little thing in life happens for a reason.

So, I’m a year older and (hopefully) a bit wiser and I’ll tell you this – going to Israel was one of the best things I ever did.


thumbs up from Ein Avdat


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