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the all-American weekend

Okay, I’m foreign, we know, old news. This year I had the most stereotypically “American” 4th of July weekend and it was perfect.

Processed with Moldiv  First off, as we all know, it rained on the 4th.. which kind of limited our options. But, Ray and I went up to Browns in Seabrook Beach and got ourselves some beer and lobsters. Followed by ice cream at Hodgies too, of course.


selfies at Fenway!

Then on Saturday we went to Castle Island for the day and then the Red Sox game! Ray attempted to surprise me but I always figure everything out. 😉 Not sure what the score was because we obviously didn’t have the attention span to stay and watch the whole game but it was definitely fun! Our seats were great, we sang Sweet Caroline, ate hot dogs fenway franks, took a “professional” photo (which I haven’t let myself buy… yet) and drank beer.

Not too shabby for a girl who sucks at drinking and doesn’t know a thing about Boston sports, eh? Ray gets credit for Saturday, I get credit for Friday. 🙂


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