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San Francisco, new memories with old friends.

So, the last time I was in San Francisco – I was in the 9th grade. There are photos somewhere on the internet but I have untagged myself and quite frankly, it’s more effort than it’s worth to find those.

This trip however, was very different. Ray’s birthday was yesterday and without realizing it, he booked a tattoo appointment for this past Friday. He’s wanted this tattoo since I met him in December so of course there was only one thing to do… I’d meet him in San Francisco to celebrate his 26th birthday! We always have fun when we do anything together, why would it be any different on the west coast?

Since his weekly commute is roughly 6,000 miles a week, he obviously has great status with flying so he booked the ticket. After waiting in line behind people who I’m pretty sure have never even stepped foot in an airport, I finally checked in.. only to realize that my ticket was first class. What a guy ❤

Other than getting to spend the entire weekend with my wonderful boyfriend, i also got to surprise my very best friend! It took some serious planning and coordinating but seeing her face when I popped up was priceless!

IMG_3713Friday, Ray got his tattoo and it came out AWESOME. Humble Beginnings, you should go here if you’re ever looking for some authentic Polynesian tribal tattoos. Oh, and ask for Mel – she’s amazingly talented, she free handed most of this!
IMG_3774Saturday, I was too excited to sleep (and I was on East Coast time) so I obviously woke up at 7AM local time. The only logical thing I could think of was to decorate the hotel room because we’d be busy all weekend. I managed to blow up 25 balloons (exhausting, trust me), put up streamers, and wrap his present, all while he was fast asleep. We picked up Alexa and Evis and had breakfast at Blue Front Cafe in Haight Ashbury per recommendations of a friend. Loved the area!

Then, we headed down the Pacific Coast Highway and just… drove. The views were absolutely breathtaking. Every corner we turned was more magical than the last. Cliffs, crashing waves, sunshine, just everything you imagine California to be. We stopped at Bean Hollow because we had to stop eventually. It was a little chillier than I would have hoped but it was still absolutely beautiful. We took some photos, and headed back to the city.


Evis, Alexa, Ray, Myself in our Labor Day White!

I happen to have the luxury of having many friends in many places and San Francisco doesn’t fall short. We met my friend Dave for dinner at First Crush and I got to introduce old friends to each other.

It wouldn’t be a trip to North California without visiting Napa Valley! Per recommendation of my friend Dave, who is a fabulous wine maker by the way, we checked out Domaine Chandon. We all know how much I love champagne!

Dinner was in Sausalito for probably some of the best Mexican I’ve had in a while.

Ray and I with the Painted Ladies!

Ray and I with the Painted Ladies!

Monday we went to Buena Vista (for the second day in a row) for some more original Irish Coffee and then we saw the Painted Ladies! Lunch was In-N-Out because, duh, California and a little sight seeing right by our hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf!

Just when I thought the trip was over, Ray brought me for a quick drive down Lombard Street which was a bigger hassle than we thought.

The trip was perfect. We packed ALOT into just a few short days. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer but here’s to hoping we take another trip there soon!


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