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Shut up and drive.

Sometimes all you need is the open road, your best friend, and a good playlist to sing along to.

In high school whenever any of my friends or I had a bad day or just needed a little distraction, we’d get in the car, drive, and just sing along to our favorite songs. Vanessa Carlton, I’m lookin at you… “It’s always times like these when I think of you and I wonder If you ever think of me?” I mean.. we’ve been friends through your music for years.. just saying.

I have so many memories over the years of just being in the car with friends driving, sometimes with no destination in mind. These are some of my favorite memories to this day.

The car has become one of my safe havens, it’s my own little box. I can cry my heart out and nobody will hear, I can “sing” [see: scream] at the top of my lungs, and even though I definitely get stares and people can absolutely hear me through all the layers of pure steel in rush hour city traffic, it’s okay!

We all know there is nothing more awkward than a silent car ride with somebody.. or maybe that’s just me? because I can’t shut up. I even talk to my cab drivers..

I can confidently say I have never spent more time in a car with anybody as much as my room mate, Mariola. We’ve driven for 5 days cross country, to California and back multiple times, to the border of Mexico, to Arizona and back, believe me.. we’ve driven. That doesn’t include our week to week shenanigans of dancing in the car on the way to the club in our onesie pajamas or our 20 minute detours just to go to the very inconveniently located froyo place because we love the owner.

While she and I have lived together for over two years in two different states in two different places and at one point worked two jobs together (I’m convinced she’s a saint for putting up with me this long and yes, we are slightly obsessed with each other) – I think a lot of our bonding has happened in the car, probably because she can’t escape me “hehehe”. We’re busy and have very separate lives, especially now but atleast when we’re in the car – we’re together, and she can’t fall asleep, erhmm “rest her eyes” like when we watch Netflix.

So, next time you’re having a “day” whether it’s good, bad, mediocre, whatever – go for a drive. Doesn’t matter if you have anywhere to go- just go. Sometimes all you need to clear your head is the open road. If you’re lucky enough to have friends half as amazing as mine – bring them too!


Here’s a little video of our adventure yesterday. I shaved about 7 minutes off of the video, clearly we had to keep ourselves entertained somehow. Pardon the quality but, I have no idea what I’m doing. 🙂


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