all about this blog


I started this blog a few years ago not really knowing where I wanted to go with it. I took a bunch of long breaks and let life get in the way of my love of writing.

So, who am I? What makes me tick? What do I do?

-26 year old lover of life and all things about it.

-Recent Vegas transplant.

-I love exercise. I have been teaching fitness classes since 2010 and think exercise can (and does) save lives in many ways. I have too much energy and it has to be used up somehow!

-I love to travel, even if it’s just a 3 hour road trip to another state. This world is too big and beautiful to stay in one place for too long.

-My job is extremely important to me. I am Medical Aesthetics Consultant and love what I am able to do and how I am able to help transform people from the outside in.

-I love food; I will try anything twice (unless it makes me violently ill the first time around). My diet is minimally processed, real food.

-I have a shopping obsession. I need to have at least two pairs of shoes to go with every outfit, which by the way – should never be repeated. There is an outfit appropriate for every occasion, and my life has lots of them.. so I always have to be prepared.

-I’m obsessed with music. I love it ALL. The list is infinite! but, my true love is Electronic Dance Music (EDM). I live and breath it, and many of my recent adventures have been a result of it. I go to concerts and shows every chance I get. Lucky for me, the more I go.. the more chances I get.

-I love the sun. I have self-diagnosed SAD.

as far as the color coordinated escapade part..

Being a lover of so many things.. I have to try and stay organized somehow. I have a color coordinated planner that can tell you all of the exciting, important, (and necessary) things I have to do.  The things I do during my free time, are always worth writing about.. or maybe they’re not? I’m going to write about them anyway. 🙂


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